Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Adenium Collection

My first Adenium (named Adenium Number One) in our new a.k.a own house is from my father's collection. He didn't give it to me willingly, though. I asked for it from my mum and she said something like, "quick. Put it in your car!" Fortunately, the plant grows well in our house so my father's grudge didn't last long.

Adenium Number One

After that, my aunt gave me four others. Those plants were still young when she gave them to me. They are still small right now but two of them have bloomed once or twice. Their flowers were small and the color was pale pink, not as bright as Adenium Number One. I have to admit, my first Adenium is by far still the best of all. When the flowers bloom, the flowers cover the whole plant.