Sunday, September 16, 2007

Enlighten Me, Please

I just got some shocking news from someone on my photoblog: Footprints of Nature.

This person says that I have infringed the name of my blog from this site.

I had no idea that the first (or later?) site even existed. And, YES, I didn't check. I had no idea if we had to check the availability of a blog's name (besides, that name didn't exist in blogspot). Mind you, I did have a difficult time to find the perfect name for that blog. Had I known the name existed, believe me, I wouldn't have used it.

Did I intentionally infringe the copyright?
I had no idea. It never crossed my mind.
Then, well, my deepest apology.
I'll change the name to something else. Meanwhile, I need time to change everything. Hopefully you -the anonymous- have the patience to wait. Thank you.

Update: no longer exists. Please click
I hope I have made everybody happy.