Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lantern Nights

I kinda miss Honjo, lately, so I took all my Honjo photo collections out to reminisce our time there. Then, I came across this lantern photos. I almost forgot all about this.
There was a violin recital that night at Waseda-Honjo Shinkansen Station. Since it was a clear starry night (and the premise was just 5-minute walk from the dormitory), we decided to watch the recital.
When we got there, there was lantern exhibition at the same place. Hikari was more interested in watching the lantern, than watching the recital. These are the lanterns:

I tried to take a more dramatic picture here, but I guessed I should've studied more :)

But this one looks like our solar system, don't you think? Ha-ha!

We also took pictures of the other displays: bamboo lamps and glass lamps.